For the past three years, the midwest's favorite boardwalk amusement park has been hard at work restoring an important piece of roller coaster history. Originally opened at a fair in Hanover, Germany in 1984, the coaster originally named Drier Looping has travelled the world. After twelve years on the fair circuit, it made its way to Sunway Lagoon in Malaysia in 1992, Flamingo Land in England in 2000, Aztlán Parque Urbano in Mexico in 2007, and now Indiana Beach in 2024.
Created by Anton Schwarzkopf, the All-American Triple Loop takes riders up 111 feet above the park before dropping at 53 mph. The ride's three loops are a highlight on the 3,444 feet of track.
All-American Triple Loop isn't only the latest refurbishment and relocation of Drier Looping, however. The ride's trains previously operated on Mindbender at Galaxyland in Canada, which closed in July 2021.
A special thank you to both Indiana Beach and the American Coaster Enthusiasts for having us out!
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